About the Bloggers!

Welcome to WannaBite.com.  Lacy and I are so excited to start this blog and share with you all of our creative recipes (and failures), our family, and our blogging story.  This site was created because we LOVE food primarily, but we have a growing young family.  I have been blogging for over 5 years and love to share my experiences about blogging with readers, veteran bloggers as well as blogging newbies.  My wife and I run a large blog and forum called WeUseCoupons.com.  It keeps us busy and trust me we get BUSY.  Some months that site reaches over 200,000 unique visitors and millions of page views.  So we decided to start WannaBite to have our little corner of the internet for just our recipes and stories, non coupon related!

A little bit about us, Lacy is a wonderful mother and passionate worship leader who is a cook, not a chef.  She loves to come up with creative ‘creations’ as I call them that inspire me.  She is absurdly clumsy and if there is a hole in the ground, she probably will find it!  She is a beautiful woman of God who is on a mission to eat better, cleaner and more naturally.  (I’m there to sabotage her along the way)  I on the other hand would literally chew on sugar and processed foods all day.  Making a cupcake taste good is not hard (trust me), so I love to come up with creative ways to make sweet treats.  I also plan on writing about blogging, how it’s done, why it’s done and how to make money (gasp!).  I have spoken at numerous blogging conferences over the years about income, YouTube and why start.  We have a great life.  We are frugal people and if you have Netflix or Hulu, just pull up Extreme Couponing from TLC and you can watch us in action!  (If you want to learn more about how to coupon, just grab our book on Amazon)  My wife, when she’s not running after our nearly 3 year old daughter, is usually hanging out with her best friend or sipping her guilty pleasure a skinny latte at Starbucks.  Me, I’d rather just make a off-brand hot chocolate and eat a cookie and watch the news at home!

We hope you hang out with us, and stay a while.  We plan on sharing more than a few bites to eat!  Remember to subscribe, comment, and let us know if you have an idea for a recipe you’d like us to try!
Nate, Lacy & Hannah

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