August 2013 Traffic Report – Over 120,000 Visitors

August Traffic Report 2013

Oh MY GOSH!!!  Talk about this little blog exploding!  It’s not little anymore!!  I started this blog on November 22, 2012.  A little over 9 months later and WannaBite has hit over 100,000 unique visitors!!  Talk about amazing.  I’m still in shock.  Let’s get into the numbers!!!

In the month of August, WannaBite received over 123,000 unique visitors, 172,429 pageviews!!  Just to give you an idea of the sudden and rapid growth.  If we just compared that to July, unique visitors are up 310% and pageviews are up an astonishing 312%!!  I am totally floored.  I’ll get into what I did to cause it shortly, I know you’re dying to find out!!

Traffic increased dramatically and I don’t see it stopping. The rate of growth has slowed some what in the early days of September as I’m writing this, but it’s still increasing!

Let’s take a quick look at historic trends. Let’s start at the beginning of the year and you will see a dramatic change on August 8th.  I just love Google Analytics!!  So much data, so little time!


So what am I doing?  Well the long and short of it: Pinterest.  I really got active on Pinterest and pushed my content, that’s it.  Let’s dig a little deeper into the numbers and look first at referral and then organic traffic.  Referral traffic dramatically increased in August, largely due to Pinterest.  Facebook also increased, but most traffic growth is acreditted to Pinterest.

NOTE: Remember to find what sites are sending YOU traffic, log into your Google Analytics account, scroll down and locate the Traffic Sources Tab, then click Overview, Sources and then Referral!

August Traffic Report

To give you an idea of the growth, take a look at this chart comparing August 2013 to July 2013…crazy!!

August Traffic Report

Pinterest has increased a whooping 1,258%.  In SEO, we know that if traffic increases to a website GENERALLY organic traffic will also increase.  The logic behind this claim is simple: if you all of a sudden become ‘popular’ Google will want to jump on board and will start showing your site more often within search results.  This is exactly what happened to WannaBite in August!!

August Traffic Report

While not as dramatic as the Pinterest growth, organic traffic increased 59%, a healthy amount.  Most of the time organic traffic does not increase dramatically.  That usually only happens when Google changes an algorithm.  The percentage of organic traffic has decreased and that does not worry me.  I would like to see it increase in the coming months.  That would mean that Google is on board with WannaBite’s growth!

August Traffic Report

If you look at the organic traffic growth over the year, I’m very pleased!!  As an SEO enthusiast, I really focus on organic traffic and keywords and to see a graph like this makes my little SEO heart flutter LOL.  Organic traffic is the backbone of any site and to see consistent and solid growth is a very good thing.  My keywords are also doing better and all metrics are improving!

August Traffic Report

You probably are asking yourself, what exactly am I doing to get this kind of traffic growth.  The bottom line is this: I’ve created good content and posted it on Pinterest, that’s really it.  I also joined Ahalogy, which is a Pinterest platform that helps schedule my content.  Ahalogy allows me to access my current followers at the best and optimal time.  All in all this was an AMAZING month.  I still can’t believe the growth and thank everyone who is reading, commenting and enjoying my little food blog!!


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    Congratulations! It really is fun and rewarding to watch a blog grow especially with all the nlood sweat and tears put into it. I love reading traffic &income reports and taking best practices away. Thank you so much for sharing!

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