Breakfast On-the-Go

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of belVita for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a busy stay-at-home Mom who also blogs the time I have to get things accomplished is precious. Some days I feel so stretched thin between being a chauffeur, teacher, and being a wife I just can’t manage to get it all done some days. What say you? I know I am not the only Mom who feel stretched to capacity. But then you look at your child’s sweet face or your hard working husband snoring away because he has worked very hard and had a very long day; you realize you would do it all over again, the next day because your heart explodes with love for them. 

In this constant state of being busy, I relentlessly search for things that make my day smoother. My family needs this especially in the mornings! We are NOT morning people here!!! We all have to be up and out of the house fairly early and some days it does not go well. I struggle with getting everyone and everything out the door and we have to eat!! Enter the Mom guilt. You know the feeling, when you pull out the pop tarts, or they’ve already snuck and eaten two packs of gummies… say just forget it because everyone is already running late. I need something quick on hand for breakfast or a quick snack that is going to make out mornings less hectic and alleviate my Mom guilt.  (Where breakfast is concerned any way.) Enter belVita. 

One of my favorite stores to shop at is Meijer. When I first moved here 11 years ago it was a huge fascination for me because we didn’t have Meijer in my part of the state. Even then I was impressed with the quality of produce available,I can get more there than just food, the awesome sale prices, and the friendliness of the associates. I quickly found myself shopping there quite often. These things have not changed in 11years. That is important to me. When I happened to be shopping this particular day belVita was doing an in-store sampling! This is a brand of breakfast biscuits that are chocked full of whole grains, and low in fat. I began to think that if these things tastes even halfway good they would our mornings. I tried the mixed berry bites, the golden oats biscuits, and the cinnamon and brown sugar biscuits. I was completely floored by all three flavors! The golden oat biscuits tasted like a bowl of oatmeal in a crispy bar. I could really taste the cinnamon and brown sugar in the next biscuits and it wasn’t overly cinnamonnny. :) The last one I tried were the mixed berry bites. These have real pieces of dried fruit in every bite piece that you can see and taste. I grabbed these flavors and headed home. I was eager to see if they made our morning flow better and if they did, some of that Mon guilt would also go away. 

Well I am happy to report they are a hit!! The boxes are very pantry friendly opening in a manner that the bars and bites can stay neatly in the box. We each grab which one we want, on our way out of the door. The whole grains keep Hannah full and focused at school, Nathan can last until lunch and I have the energy to run errands and get the thing I need done. Also, I have a little less Mom guilt and whole lot less stress in the mornings. 

Head on over to your local Meijer for a #MeijerMorningWin and give belVita Morning Win a try and see how you shave off some time in the mornings.   They can be found in the cookie and cracker isle.

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