Southwest Alfredo Recipe

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My wife and I are big frozen food shoppers. A big reason for it, TIME.  I simply don’t have time to cut and prepare from scratch meals every single day of the week.  Frozen food helps put a meal on the table when I in a hurry!  If you have ever tried Birds Eye frozen vegetables, you know they are a quality product that all of your family will love.

Today I’m going to review seven frozen products as well as give you a fantastic 20 minute semi-homemade recipe using Buitoni and Birds Eye products!!

Healthy Choice

I have been buying this brand for years.  It’s so easy to grab one of their lunches during the week (so much better on your wallet than going out) and they are always delicious!  Recently Healthy Choice has been adding new products!!  The newest one, Frozen Greek Yogurt!  OMG WOW.  This is an absolutely MUST TRY.  Delicious, creamy and 100 calories, you will be impressed!

Marie Callender’s

This is another brand I’ve been buying for many years.  My favorite still is the classic pot pies.  I’d never tried this variety so I decided to try it this time around.  It did not disappoint.  Marie Callendar’s has frozen meals for lunch/dinner, and they are always delicious!

Birds Eye & Buitoni

If you have never tried Buitoni pasta or sauce you are seriously missing out.  They have QUALITY products for you to choose from and are usually available in a refrigerated or frozen case in your grocery store.  The recipe below uses these two products.  Bird’s Eye what can you say.  They frozen vegetables at their peak freshness and deliver them, often chopped and ready to go.  From their frozen broccoli to their corn, Birds Eye is ALWAYS a weekly staple for my family.

Spicy Southwest Alfredo Recipe

1 bottle of your Fave Jarred Alfredo Sauce

½ cup of milk

½ cup of Sharp Cheddar cheese

1 tbs of ancho chili powder divided

2 tsp of Siracha Sauce

1 tsp of chili powder divided

garlic powder to taste

2 pkgs of Butoni Three Cheese Tortellini

1 package of Bird’s Eye Frozen southwest veggies

2 tbs of butter

Salt to taste


Place veggies in skillet to sauté or on a griddle and sauté with ½ of the ancho chili powder,  ½ of chili powder, garlic powder, and ½ of the butter. In a separate pot, start the water boiling (salt it if desired) for the Tortellini cook according to package directions. Open the jar of alfredo sauce and pour into a pot. Take the ½ cup of milk and pour into the jar put on the lid and shake up to get the excess sauce out of jar and pour into sauce in the pot. Add in the remaining butter, siracha, cheese, the other ½ of Ancho Chili powder, and the last of the regular chili powder into the alfredo sauce, stirring to combine.

Cook veggies until unthawed and desired tenderness, and place in a bowl.  When the sauce is bubbly, let it cook for 5 minutes and turn the heat off. When your tortellini is done, strain it. Combine sauce and tortellini and top with veggies! Yummmo!

Great Giant

Another one of the best frozen food products you can buy in the store!!  There are so many nutritional benefits to frozen foods.  A study conduced by the Frozen Food Foundation and University of Georgia revealed that the nutritional value of many frozen fruits and vegetables are generally equal to that of their fresh counterparts.  Frozen vegetables are so easy and Green Giant is no exception.  Every vegetable under the sun is available and my family enjoys them almost every week.

Stouffers/Lean Cuisine

Lean Cuisine is another one of my lunch box staples.  I have really LOVED the new offers from Lean Cuisine recently, their salads are a creative way to really enjoy your lunch at work.  Just warm up the contents and add lettuce…simply and slimming!  Lean Cuisine and Stouffers have so many options to choose from, you won’t be disappointed.

Hot pockets/Lean Pockets

Awww my guilty pleasure!  I’ve been known to keep some lean pockets around my house.  Now don’t gasp, I’m just being honest!  They are an easy hot snack that I can grab and go.  My favorites, ham and cheese, broccoli and cheese and this one pictured!

Frozen food is a fantastic way to save time and money.  I would strongly encourage you to Like the Frozen Food Foundation Facebook page and Follow the Frozen Food Foundation Twitter page.  Learn the facts!

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  1. Leah Frank says

    I really enjoyed this review on frozen foods. There are so many great healthy options in the frozen food aisle. It has been said that frozen vegetables generally are healthier than fresh because they are frozen right after harvest. Plus there are a lot of healthy food options in the frozen food aisle too and of course we get lots of coupons for these items. I also loved the recipe you posted because it is easy and looks delicious. I know several of these items can be bought with coupons for a wonderful looking meal. I plan to try this recipe. I would love to see more post like this because it shows you can buy healthy fast foods with coupons. Not everything has to be fresh and made from scratch. Thanks again.

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