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This post has been compensated by PERDUE®. All opinions, photos and recipes are mine alone.  PERDUE® imagery used with permission #Sponsored #PerfectPortions

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As a working dad I get busy.  It’s often hard to balance life, work, play and rest. As a loving husband, one of my goals is to give my wife a break too.  While I sometimes get home and just fall into the couch, she’s been working hard all day, cleaning, cooking, running around after a 4 year old, doing laundry, which means she doesn’t get time to herself.  I will unload the dishwasher and on certain days I’ll cook.

On those days I’m always a little bit more stressed.  Providing a great home cooked meal is important to me.  As many of you know I’ve been on a journey to physical fitness, joining a CrossFit gym a few months ago (follow more of that on Twitter @NateBlogs) and part of that journey is eating better.  I’ve never been one to eat bad tasting food, so for me, while it’s VERY important to be healthy TASTE is absolutely critical.

Part of my new diet involves a healthy dose of protein every day and often at every meal.  Chicken has been my go-to meat for years and while I like to mix it up now and again, as my wife will tell you, chicken has always been my meat of choice.  So that brings me to some exciting news! Perdue Chicken is going to be taking over WannaBite for the next month!!!  That means that I’m going to post a new original chicken recipe EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 30 days!  Just check out below what’s coming, I know you’ll wanna bite!!

Chicken Squash Bowl Recipe

Perdue is a great company with great products.  Chicken is an excellent source of protein and when you’re short on time or just want a perfect 4oz portion of chicken, they’ve come up with an excellent product just for you!  It’s called PERDUE® PERFECT PORTIONS®.  It meets all my requirements: it’s easy; it’s fast and best of all it tastes so good!  So why is this a fantastic product for busy moms and dads?  The chicken is individually wrapped.  As a busy working parent, I know how convenient that is!  No worry about unthawing too much, you’ve got a perfect portion of chicken for every family member.

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Perdue recently launched two NEW options to their PERFECT PORTIONS® line that are available in stores across the country! (Click Here to Visit the Store Locator)  They now have Boneless, Skinless Thighs and Mesquite Grille Seasoned Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts.  They both cook in about 10 minutes and are individually packaged (2 thighs per pouch) which makes cooking (and cleanup) take so much less time.


Perdue was kind enough to send me lots of chicken and I got CREATIVE!!  For the next 30 days, WannaBite is going to start clucking and growing feathers as we share 30 Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes for Moms (and Dads).

Join the Perdue Crew

I’d encourage you to connect with Perdue Chicken on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest PLUS make sure to sign up for the Perdue Crew which provides you with EXCLUSIVE access to coupons, deals and recipes!  You can learn more about PERFECT PORTIONS here.  Coming soon you will be able to download the eBook containing all 30 recipes for easy viewing on your computer, tablet or phone!


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